The deposit for all of homegrowndoodlesofmidwest puppies is $300. We accept  Venmo.  Your place on the wait list is not guaranteed without your deposit made.


Homegrown doodles DOES NOT refund deposits. If you do not see a pup to your choosing, you have the option of using the deposit in the future or transferring to another litter.  Your deposit is to purchase a Homegrowndoodles puppy and the time we spend with you as a family preparing. If you do not think you can wait for your puppy, then please do not commit to us, as we have families waiting. We post when pups are born and pics go up at seven days old.
 Deposits are accepted thru  Venmo  on;y at this time.

 After we have spoken and decided to work together for your new family member, deposit is made, receipt emailed, signed by you and emailed back to me.

We  often do not accept deposits until we have a confirmed pregnancy.

All above fees are deducted from final cost of your puppy.


We accept cash only for final payment of your puppy. 

We have started accepting Venmo these are accepted at

Nancy Erickson@Nancy-Erickson-11


Deposits and payments are non-refundable, but may be used toward any available litter.  We cannot guarantee that any dam will have a certain amount of males/females or a specific color. Rarely a breeding may not produce puppies.  If this happens, your deposit will be transferred to the next available litter of your choice.


Unless otherwise specified pups go home at 9 weeks of age. Arrangements to pick up on a later date, must be made in advance. A small boarding fee may be agreed on if needed, although I do my best to accommodate my families.

Please note: We choose not to ship our puppies. Plan to pick up or contact me for a possible meet to receive your puppy. Make plans for this before you commit.


**As the breeder, I reserve the right to hold back puppies from any litter regardless of deposits/names on the waiting list**

Our puppies are never sold through consignment, pet stores or friends. Puppies will only be available directly to families

We only accept deposits after we have had contact with you and we both agree this is a good fit for you and the puppy.





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 All puppies will go home with the following:

 First and foremost my life long commitment to them. Please remember that no matter the circumstances, puppy even when older, comes back to me. No shame, no judgement.


 Vet record which includes, shot records and weights. Puppy will have seen Vet twice before leaving me.

 Microchip records, from AKC reunite. Of note, I will always be on the chip record with you. This a precaution to protect the puppy from being sold to a mill or put in a shelter. Life happens and we both want the best for our puppy.

 De-worming record of both Pyrantel and Pamoate.

 Flea and tick treatment

 Health contract

 Snuggle puppy

 Lil bed from puppy kennel, for comfort scent

 Food for Transition

 Origins supplement sample 

 Birth Certificate

 Daily schedule

                                             Lots of Love Included