Roxie is our F1 goldendoodle.  Parents are our Retired Princess Cassidy AKC standard poodle and Bo our AKC golden retriever. Roxie is medium in size at 48 lbs. . Her cream wavy coat will turn to curls when bred to a poodle, to produce F1b goldendoodles. With a quiet and sweet personality , she is a great mom.

Scarlett is our AKC red standard poodle. Scarlett is a small standard at 45 lbs. . With “ the big red dog” in her lines, she produces true reds. Bred with our Bo , to produce medium F1 goldendoodles. Brings her sweet personality to the program. Scarlett is in the works for a spring 2020 litter.

Bonnie, our one and only Sheepadoodle. Being F1 we will breed with one of our poodles for F1b babies fall of 2020.  Bonnie is very laid back but crazy happy to play in the snow.

Harper, is our small CKC golden retriever. Harper will be bred with Toby our mini CKC poodle. We expect mini F1 gold or cream pups this summer. Harper was very timid when she came to us, has come out of her shell and is super fun. Water is her favorite plaything.

Gypsy is our F1b Bernedoodle. Granddaughter of our Tippy and daughter of Sophie. With her apricot coat and long legs, we expect a nice size standard Bernedoodle. Gypsy will be bred summer of 2020 with a tri color Bernedoodle, expect some nice colors. These pups will be standard in size.

Finn, is our exciting addition in 2018. Finn is a large CKC standard poodle, both in height and weight of 75 lbs. . He brings his blue merle coat and parti genes to our lines. We expect gorgeous F1b’s standard size from him and Roxie soon. Finn is very active, a clown in reality, that lives everyone.

Toby is our CKC mini poodle. Apricot in color and 14 lbs of happy. Toby has produced red mini goldendoodles as well as mini Aussiedoodles.  We expect more of his bundles of joy in 2020. Both with Blueberry our mini Australian Shepard and Harper or golden retriever.

Bo is my husbands shadow. A CKC golden retriever with all of the loyalty that comes with it. A gorgeous deep red and medium in size. Bo provides red F1 goldendoodles currently. With a possible litter of retrievers in the future.

Tucker is one of our latest additions. A low to the ground and round mini Bernedoodle.  We plan mini Bernedoodles with Tucker in the future. Bringing the tri color into our program.











We use an Early stimulation program, that starts before the socialisation process. We have tailored this after the U.S. Military's program called "Bio Sensor". When puppy is 3 days old we start and continue until he/she is 17 days old.This is a period of time when neurological and development is rapid and very importand to the pups future. In addition to the normaal handling and loving of your puppy, we incorporate the follong excercise once a day per puppy. starting with the next pup. The handling of each pup once per day involves the following exercises: 1) Toe tickles with a Q-tip, between each toe. 2) Head up position, puppy is perpendicular 3) Head down position, head reversed and pointing down 4) Supine, back on palm of my hand, pup may be sleeping 5) Thermal, a damp cold washcloth with pup placed on it feet down. All of the above are for a short 5 second uration, but the possible impact is huge. The neurological stimulation of these steps, do not come naturally this early in a puppies life. the following benefits are as listed Improved heart rate Stronger heart beats Stronger adrenal glands More tolerance to stress Greater resistance to disease In tests of learning, stimulated pups are found to be more active and more exploratory , less disturbed by changing situations and in general calmer.


Goldendoodles are a mixed breed of Golden Retrievers and Poodles. We currently breed both F1B generation Goldendoodles which means one parent is 100% Standard Poodle and the other is an F1 generation Goldendoodle (50% Golden Retriever, 50% Standard Poodle). This produces Goldendoodles that are less likely to shed and are a great option for families with dander allergies because their coats are 25% Golden and 75% Standard Poodle. Our F1 breeding program produces a minimum shed, wavy coat. Our Goldendoodles typically range in size from 50 lbs to 70 lbs and come in all coat textures and colors. We plan to add mini Goldendoodles summer of 2020, these will be a 30-35 lb pup. They make fantastic family pets due to their loyal and loving personalities.  We are excited to bring multi and merle into our program!



Bernedoodles are a mixed breed of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. Bernedoodles can vary in size and we currently breed standard size (65-80lb avg) .F1b or 2nd generation Bernedoodles which are 25% BMD and 75% Standard Poodle. Bernedoodles are great family pets because they are very loyal, loving and intelligent. Bernedoodle coat textures as well as personalities are similar to Goldendoodles. They are great with children and families. All of the puppies that come from Homegrown Doodles are socialized with children and other dogs from a young age.



Our Mini Aussiedoodles are a breeding of Toby, our Mini poodle and Blueberry our Mini australian shepard.  Colors are Blue merle, Black and Phantom

At Homegrown doodles we chose the Mini Aussiedoodle as our first small dog breeding. We wanted the character of a typical doodle in a small package. With this pup you will have an intelligent and friendly dog. Great with their
humans, who they need time with to cuddle.  Your pup will have a moderate to high energy level. Scheduled play times and plenty to keep this smartie pants busy.

We expect a moderate coat, which can be wavy to very curly. No matter the coat type it will be very soft. AussieDoodle coat length is generally moderate, they can be slightly wavy to very wavy or wool like the poodle. Your Mini Aussiedoodle has the combined coat of the Aussie and the Poodle, which produces a non-shed to no-shed coat. Daily brushing is needed. As in all of our Doodles, our Mini Aussiedoodle are great family dogs. While they of course can be outside, they need the attention of an inside companion. We do require that all of our pups have homes where they will be inside dogs.




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 All puppies will go home with the following:

 First and foremost my life long commitment to them. Please remember that no matter the circumstances, puppy even when older, comes back to me. No shame, no judgement.


 Vet record which includes, shot records and weights. Puppy will have seen Vet twice before leaving me.

 Microchip records, from AKC reunite. Of note, I will always be on the chip record with you. This a precaution to protect the puppy from being sold to a mill or put in a shelter. Life happens and we both want the best for our puppy.

 De-worming record of both Pyrantel and Pamoate.

 Flea and tick treatment

 Health contract

 Snuggle puppy

 Lil bed from puppy kennel, for comfort scent

 Food for Transition

 Origins supplement sample 

 Birth Certificate

 Daily schedule

                                             Lots of Love Included