All 2020 litters due this summer are on full reserve. We are excited to have so many families waiting as we are for their 

Puppies. There will be min Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles and Sheepadoodles as well as mini Aussiedoodles.


 We will be opening the reserve list for Late winter and Early spring puppies, on 9/01/2020 . Planning our first Mini Bernedoodle litter as well as some of the above.


  Thank you for all of the enthusiasm we have seen  and your patience.



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 All puppies will go home with the following:

 First and foremost my life long commitment to them. Please remember that no matter the circumstances, puppy even when older, comes back to me. No shame, no judgement.


 Vet record which includes, shot records and weights. Puppy will have seen Vet twice before leaving me.

 Microchip records, from AKC reunite. Of note, I will always be on the chip record with you. This a precaution to protect the puppy from being sold to a mill or put in a shelter. Life happens and we both want the best for our puppy.

 De-worming record of both Pyrantel and Pamoate.

 Flea and tick treatment

 Health contract

 Snuggle puppy

 Lil bed from puppy kennel, for comfort scent

 Food for Transition

 Origins supplement sample 

 Birth Certificate

 Daily schedule

                                             Lots of Love Included